Sunday, 28 October 2012

2013 NBA Season - What Does it Hold?

The NBA season is only a few days away!!!!!!! *returns to chair.*  And this season promises to be just as good as the last one.

Although LeBron has his ring, all his eyes will still be on him to see if The Heat will repeat.  After all, all the greats have (well, Kobe, Magic, Jordan etc)

This is also the make or break season for The Knicks.  Will Carmelo and Stoudmire finally bond and reach further than the first round of the playoffs? Or will Stoudmire injure himself again?

How will the new look Lakers fear? Will the addition of Nash and Howard improve them?  Will they go 72 and 10? (Highest total of wins set in an nba season in 1996 by the Chicago Bulls).  Will Kobe finally grab hold of the elusive 6th ring?

The Thunder recently traded away James Harden for Kevin Martin (yeah, he's still alive), Jeremy Lamb and a few picks.  As for whether the trade will be a success or not is yet to be determined.  Many feel that this has automatically de-throned them as Western Conference champions.  However I believe that they still are champs until otherwise beaten.

Denver have recently added Igggyyyyyy (sorry was just practicing) and it will be interesting to see how he fits in with the Nuggets this year.  The continued development of players such as Ty Lawson, Chandler and Gallornari will be a joy to watch and of course, one cannot forget about Javale 'Dopey' McGee.

Although I hate to make predictions, I suppose it would be interesting to see how many of them turn out right; so here goes!

MVP: Kevin Durant

WHATTTT NOT LEBRON JAMES?! Yes, that's right I didn't pick LeBron here.  Does that mean that I think he's going to have a rubbish season?  Of course not.  However I do think that the NBA won't allow this guy to win 4MVPS; at least while there isn't this level of high competition from players such as Durant.  LeBron should have won the 2011 MVP instead of Derrick Rose, however, because of his villain status he didn't.  Even though his villain status has somewhat disappeared due to his success this season I still think Durant will be named MVP of the 2013 season.  However, one can't help but think what if LeBron does win a 4th MVP this season? (Kareem has 6 and Jordan has 5)

DPOY: Dwight Howard
Last year was a bit of an anomaly for Dwight Howard.  However, with him at the Lakers things should somewhat return to normal.  By normal I mean him swatting layups to row Z and pulling down 14 rebounds a game.  But then again with Gasol next to him will he take away from Howard's rebounds and blocks?…..(that was a joke)

Serge Ibaka in a close second.

NBA Champions: Miami Heat
The Heat are the champs until otherwise beaten.

Finals MVP: LeBron James
Not much to say here really. 

Rookie Of The Year:
Anthony Davis

6th Man of the Year: Nick Young?

Most Improved: Kenneth Faried

Best record in the West: Los Angeles Lakers

Best record in the East: Miami Heat

Western Conference Champions: Los Angeles Lakers

Eastern Conference Champions: Miami Heat

League Leaders:
Points: Kevin Durant (yes for the 4th straight time!)
Rebounds: Dwight Howard / Kevin Love
Assists: Rajon Rondo
Blocks: Serge Ibaka

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