Monday, 12 November 2012

Mike Brown out; D'Antoni in!

So the Lakers had recently gotten rid of head coach Mike Brown.  I think the majority of people would agree when I say *LeBron voice*: 'it's about damn time'.  It's no secret that many of Mike Brown's coaching methods were questionable. (Remember him putting in Howard against the Pistons when the Lakers were up by 20.). In addition his continuous use of the Princeton offense due criticism from many NBA fans and broadcasters; most noticeably Charles Barkley.

Nothing happens in L.A without the permission of Kobe 'assistant coach' Bryant and many feel that his 'death stare' to Mike Brown at the end of the Jazz game was a contributing factor.  It's not the first time that Kobe had been displeased at a coach, so to say that his lone stare is the reason for the Lakers head office taking the action they did is a bit shallow. None the less, it does provide for a bit of humour. 

I think firing Mike Brown was a bit premature considering only 5 games have been played but I suppose it is better to sort the wrong out before it gets too late.


It's official, Mike D'Antoni; former coach of the New York Knicks and Phoenix Suns is now coach of the Los Angeles Lakers.  I think everyone's initial reaction is "WOW, why not Phil."  According to sources (I sound like Chris Broussard now don't I) Jackson was asking for "too much."  As we all know Jackson retired predominantly because of health issues.  He requested not having to travel to certain away games, as well as hiring new staff including Scottie Pippen and total roster control (freedom to trade who he wanted etc).  In my opinion if someone has 11 rings as a coach and 5 rings in 12 years when they ask for something YOU GIVE IT TO THEM!  I understand that at the end of the day basketball is a business however can you put a price on championships? (Well yes, you can *cough* $95M roster that won the Lakers a championship in 2010 - but that's not the point!)

Mike D'Antoini, newly appointed
coach of the Lakers.

I know many people are wondering "what about the triangle offense?"  The triangle offense is somewhat over-talked about.  It's a long time since the early 2000s and the Lakers have moved further and further away from it.  That's not to say that they won't run it, but dont' expect to see it as often as other offences.  If things breakdown (eg down by 15 in the 3rd or 4th quarter) THEN you'll see it being executed.  But apart from that we can look forward to what Mike D'Antoni has to offer the Lakers.

On a side-note I hope he doesn't force the "7 seconds or less offense" like he did in Phoenix.  If he does you may well see another blog post about a new head coach for the Lakers very soon!

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